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CRK Coil Relocation Kit for TwinCam Softails $99

HRK Horn Relocation Kit for TwinCam Softails $99

EIS Exile Ignition Switch $99

Knurled Covers for TwinCam Softails:

GCC-S/-P/-B Gas Cap Covers (pair) 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $129/139/149

OBC-S/-P/-B Oil Bag Cap 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $43/45/49
Oil Bag Cap replaces stock TC Softail piece and accepts stock rubber ‘bung’ and dipstick

MBC-S/-P/-B Motor Bolt Covers (4) 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $109/115/125
These 4 covers dress-up the bolts that hold the TwinCam engine in the Softail frame.

OPSC-S/-P/-B Oil Pressure Switch Cover 
Satin/Polished/Textured black $39/44/49

TBC-S/-P/-B Transmission Boss Cover 
Satin/Polished/Textured black $39/44/49
This baby hides the boss on the transmission on a TwinCam Softail when the ‘fake’ frame center-post has been removed – specify 5 or 6-speed transmission.

RAC-S/-P/-B Rear Axle Covers (pair) 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $84/89/94

FAC-S/-P/-B Front Axle Covers (pair) 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $84/89/94

SPC-S/-P/-B Swing-arm Pivot Covers (pair) 
Satin/Polished/Black Anodize $84/89/94
Rear Axle, Front Axle and Swing-arm Pivot Covers vary depending on the year of your Softail. Call for availability.

HL-P Billet Head-light, 
includes bracket. Polished $425

HL-B Billet Head-light, 
includes bracket. Black Anodize $449

HLL Replacement head-light lens,
includes bulb and wiring $75

TB2 Bracket for stock HD bobbed rear fender 
(200 width). Black. $99
This bracket fits the Harley 200 width bobbed Softail rear fender and accepts the Black License Plate Surround, a pair of Lazer Star turn-signals and the Exile LED tail-light– all sold separately.

BLPS Black License Plate Surround 
(powder-coated metal) $25

LSA-P/-B/-C Lazer Star with amber LEDs, sold individually - Polished/Black Anodize/Chrome $115/129/129

LSR-P/-B/-C Lazer Star with red LEDs, sold individually - Polished/Black Anodize/Chrome $115/129/129

LED Exile LED mini-catseye tail-light, polished $149

LEDB Exile LED mini-catseye tail-light on an 
under-sized black axle-mount bracket $199

SMS Raw steel side-mount bracket, small (3”x 6”) $49

SMFL Black powder-coated side-mount bracket, 
full-size, with universal tail-light and black
license plate surround $99