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Front Ends Specs and Prices

STTT “Sani-Tree” triple trees, show-polished $649

STTTB “Sani-Tree” triple trees, black anodized $725

Machine Sani-Trees to accept Motogadget speedo and indictor light strip $150

MMS Motoscope  Mini Speedo silver, polished or black $369

MMI Motosign Mini Indicator light strip silver, polished or black $135

FF001 Flush front axle, 3/4 ” $149 

Genuine Showa fork slider and tube assemblies:
(these are OEM parts)

FA001S FLT style (i.e. dresser models, dual disc) $749

FA002S FLST style (i.e. Heritage and Fatboy, single disc) $749

FA003S FXST style (i.e. Softail Custom, single disc) $749
These prices are for stock length assemblies. FLT assemblies measure 26.25” from center of axle to end of tube (i.e. bottom of fork cap). FLST is 2” longer than FLT, FXST is 4” longer than FLT.

UHDK Urethane Handlebar Damper Kit $25

NBRS Neck Bearing (2) and Race (2) Set $30

HFK Hidden Fork-stop Kit $175

FSK HHI Fork-Stop Kit for stock frames, 89-up Softail & Dyna $99 

Exile Inverted Front Ends Available in 31” or 32” length – measured from center of axle to top of fork tube

EMG Exile inverted Front End, Mid-Glide, Satin or Polished $2,399

EMG-B Exile inverted Front End, Mid-Glide, Black Anodized $2,499

EWG Exile inverted Front End, Wide-Glide, Satin or Polished $2,399

EWG-B Exile inverted Front End, Wide-Glide, Black Anodized $2,499

Triple Trees for Inverted Front End or for 49mm fork-tubes 
(e.g. DYNA):

EMGTT Billet Mid-Glide Triple Trees, include 55-49mm sleeves.  Satin or Polished $649

EMGTT-B Billet Mid-Glide Triple Trees, include 55-49mm sleeves.  Black Anodized $725 

EWGTT Billet Wide-Glide Triple Trees, include 55-49mm sleeves.  Satin or Polished $649

EWGTT-B Billet Wide-Glide Triple Trees, include 55-49mm sleeves.  Black Anodized $725

Raked Triple Trees Details on request

Billet Front Ends Details on request