Complete Bike Kits

Our Complete Bike Kit program allows you to order every part needed for your project.

Most customers also elect to have us perform any necessary fabrication work so their project is ready to go straight to paint and assembly. The system is primarily aimed at the customer who is building an 'Exile' bike (or having one built for them), but the program can apply to any large order.

Pictured bike is just one possible combination of parts. Build your bike exactly as we do,
or design your own dream-machine - the choice is all yours.



Our Complete Bike Kit is basically a program aimed at those looking to purchase all the components for their project in one place.

The program is most suited to those that want to build a bike just the way we build it. Most customers opt to have us perform all the additional fabrication necessary for their project. Think of it as if we were building your bike, but at the point we would send the project to the paint shop we box it up and send it all to you. You paint it, you bolt it together, you save a bunch of cash! You get it quicker and you get it your way. We have worked for very many years to refine our parts and develop our bike build formula. You will experience a far easier build than if you purchased a random selection of parts. Even if this is your first build, it will be so much more straight-forward than any other ground-up project, with no money wasted on incompatible parts!

Please don’t think that we are simply offering a limited range of bike-in-a-box models. This program allows us to prepare YOUR custom bike to your specifications – just as if we were building you a finished motorcycle. The only difference is that you handle the paint and assembly instead of us.

Choose the bike on our website that most nearly represents your view of the bike you’d like to build (or have built for you by your local shop) and use that parts list as a starting point. Figure out what, if anything, you’d like to change. Feel free to call us for advice on parts or style changes. We should be able to give you a pretty accurate estimate of your Complete Bike Kit price right over the phone. Once you have made all your decisions and are ready to place your order we will work up a very detailed invoice listing exactly what parts will be supplied and what fabrication will be performed. Your parts list price will be totaled and the labor cost added along with shipping cost, resulting in the final price of your Complete Bike Kit. We take a 50% deposit when the order is placed, with the balance due once the Complete Bike Kit is ready to ship. This program works particularly well when the customer opts to have us supply every last part (right down to the last nut and bolt) and perform all the fabrication work necessary to prepare the project to the point where it is ready to go to the paint shop. Of course, you can choose to supply any of the parts or perform any of the fabrication work yourself if you prefer. Our Complete Bike Kits are incredibly easy to assemble as we typically supply each and every part with all the appropriate hardware. It is rather obvious what bolts where and before you know it you have your dream bike sitting right there in your garage. At the top of this page there is a link a basic description of how we assemble a bike to help you understand the scope of the job. Please note that these ‘instructions’ will make much more sense once you have your parts in front of you. We have shown up on Saturday morning to a bike show with one of our Complete Bike Kits, and by Sunday afternoon we have the assembled bike up on stage running. Of course, your final assembly and wiring will take more than a couple of days – but not too much more!