LSSMTC Leaf–spring seat mechanism to mount LePera solo seat to TwinCam Softail $349 

SAT Seat area trim, TwinCam Softail, black $49

ESM Exile Seat Mechanism, with shock, mounts, tabs and hardware $399

This system uses a small shock absorber under the seat to provide suspension on a rigid frame. It cannot be used unless you have a round oil tank as the shock interferes with the conventional horse-shoe style tank. The mechanism comes with the necessary weld-on mounts for the frame. Works great with LePera solo seats.

L100 Le Pera seat base, raw steel, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM $125

L105 Le Pera solo seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, no skirt $189

L107 Le Pera seat, compatible with LSSMTC and ESM, with skirt $189

ESB Exile seat base, raw steel $99

This raw steel seat base is designed to be a perfect fit for the seat triangle area on our rigid frames, but it also makes a great starting point for a seat for most other custom rigid (or Softail) applications.



KSA Stainless steel kickstand with weld-on tab $249

KSA-TC Stainless steel kickstand with black billet clamp for TwinCam Softails $399

Compatible with a stock primary, the clamp engages the frame cross-member to prevent any possible rotation, and kickstand position is adjustable – both  in the up and down position.