Foot controls

FC Forward controls, no kick-stand holes, no master cylinder, rubber peg inserts $799

Add ‘H’ to part number for kickstand holes N/C

Add ‘M’ to part number for master-cylinder (5/8” bore)Adds  $50

Add ‘C’ to part number for foot-clutch optionAdds $50

Add ‘R’ to part number for slotted pedals and bored pegs (Racy!) Adds $50

Add ‘K’ to part number for knurled pegs (foot and toe-pegs) N/C

Add ‘E’ to part number for Extended Forward Controls N/C

Add ‘S’ to part number for Shortened Forward Controls N/C
Extended and Shortened Forward Controls can NOT be ordered with kickstand holes, or master-cylinder. 
Forward Controls are supplied in polished aluminum finish, but scotchbrite/brushed/satin finish can be requested at no charge.

Add ‘B’ to part number for black anodized finish Adds $75

RFR Replacement foot-peg rubber (pair) $30

RCR Replacement  complete set foot-peg (2) and toe-peg (2) rubbers $40
These forward controls will bolt to standard mounting location on virtually all custom frames, as well as stock  pre-2000 Softail frames. To mount our forward controls (or any other ‘evolution-era’ forwards) to a TwinCam Softail or Dyna you will need to use our adapter plates.

FCAP Forward Control Adapter Plates for TwinCam Softail frame $149

FCAP-FC Adapter Plates for TwinCam Softail frame with Foot Clutch option $174

FCAP-D Forward Control Adapter Plates for Dyna frame $99

We are often asked how we integrate the brakes on some of our bikes with front and rear brakes operated by the foot-pedal. These bikes are running a 3/4” master-cylinder and we simply run two brake-lines using a double banjo bolt – one line to the front caliper, one to the rear. The front braking system itself is proportionally stronger than the rear on most bikes. YOU must decide for yourself if integrated braking is safe/smart/legal for your application.

DBB Double banjo bolt with built in brake-light switch $44

When we build a bike we prefer to mount the master-cylinder ‘remotely’ behind the forward controls, below the transmission end cover.

FCRM-TC  Remote rear mastercylinder for Twin Cam Softail - includes Jay Brake 3/4” MC (5/8” on request), mounting bracket with hardware and stainless brake rod with rod end. $299

FCBR Stainless brake push-rod with SS heim joint, for customs $60

FCSR Stainless shift rod with SS heim joints, for HD Softails and customs $80 

SRP-S Stock Replacement Footpegs (pair), knurled, Satin $99

SRP-P Stock Replacement Footpegs (pair), knurled, Polished $109

SRP-B Stock Replacement Footpegs (pair), knurled, Black Anodize $119
These pegs replace the stock footpegs on stock Softails, Dynas and Sportsters

SRTP-S Stock Replacement Toepeg (one), knurled, Satin $39

SRTP-P Stock Replacement Toepeg (one), knurled, Polished $44

SRTP-B Stock Replacement Toepeg (one), knurled, Black Anodize $49
These toepegs replace the shift-side toepeg(s) on stock Softails, Dynas and Sportsters

MCM Mid-Control Mounts for TwinCam Softails, Black $299
These brackets provide a sturdy mounting point to mount Dyna mid-controls to a TwinCam Softail. You will need to supply Dyna foot controls and Dyna inner and outer primary case (if running closed primary). You will also need:

FCSR-MC Stainless shift rod with SS heim joints, for mid-controls $80

FCRM-MC Remote rear mastercylinder for Twin Cam Softail converting to Mid-Controls - includes Jay Brake MC (5/8” or 3/4”), mounting bracket with hardware and stainless brake rod with custom rod end. $299