Rolling Chassis Deal

This deal is not designed to be a ‘bike kit’. It is simply a discount given for purchasing a large number of our parts. It represents considerable savings over buying each item individually.

RCD Rolling Chassis Deal: $7,999

For this price you receive the following:

  1. Rigid frame with axle. All other options as listed under frames. Top tube stretch up to 5”, front leg stretch up to 4”, add $200. Top tube stretch over 5”, front leg stretch 4-10”, add $400. For Softail frame with swing-arm etc., add $700. Wiring tubes add $75.
  2. For Softail frame with swing-arm etc., add $700. Wiring tubes add $75.
  3. Your choice of Monster rear wheel with tire, single or dual-flanged.
  4. Sprocket Brake Kit OR rotor and sprocket.
  5. Neck Bearings and Races.
  6. Hidden Fork-stop Kit.
  7. Urethane Handlebar Damper Kit.
  8. Sani-Tree triple trees.
  9. Your choice of genuine HD (Showa) fork tube and slider assemblies in stock length. Choice of FXST, FLST or FLT styles.
  10. Flush front axle.
  11. Your choice of Monster front wheel with tire, single or dual-flanged.
  12. 11.5” front rotor. Two front rotors will only be supplied if a dual-disc front wheel is selected.
  13. Your choice of any two Trojan fenders.
  14. Your choice of Exile Forward Controls.

Please Note: There will be no price reduction if only part of the ‘deal’ is required. Please just buy the items individually. This is a fixed price deal. Some customers may save more than others depending on the options selected. This factor was taken into consideration when fixing the price.
The pricing above includes the ‘standard’ finish for each part. Anodizing or powder-coating of parts will incur additional charges